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Can you imagine....
- being happy with your life? 
- moving easily without pain?
- looking forward to your day?

It truly is possible!

This is a Path to a Happier Life of Emotional Freedom

Hello and Welcome.

My journey through the years took me down many of life's painful paths and it was with the help of a special person that I was able to get through it. 

It would be my pleasure to be that special person for you.

Ask yourself this question:

"What is it that keeps me from having the life I want?"

Whatever name you put on it, it was the experiences of your life that created it.

To release all that is associated with those experiences, to be free of them, is what we call:  'Emotional Freedom'.

The journey is to have emotional freedom so you can be all you are meant to be.  What does that mean?  Research has shown much of what causes us pain, both mental and physical, has a direct link to our feelings, known as our emotions.  Emotional freedom is the only freedom that truly matters on our journey of life.  It can quite literally free us from many of the pains we experience and free us from what we are struggling with in our life.

Considered one of the world's leading authority, with over 18 years experience, Certified Master Practitioner working with Emotional Freedom Technique,  [EFT], it would be an honor to help you create the life you want.  Of all the healing methods I am trained in, EFT is the easiest and most powerful with profound results rather quickly.  Here is my story:






EFT is the most effective way to identify and release all that no longer serves you, revealing you as the shining light that you are and have always been.  As EFT releases the emotional side, the only other product I use for improving physical health is the LifeWave, X39 Patch.  The latest technology to stimulate the body's natural healing ability.  Find out more here.

Release what's holding you back and stimulate healing so you can live life fully. :-) 

Preeti Roy    -   Here to help you to Emotional Freedom.



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Sessions are customized for your individual needs. 

With Optimal EFT, we go beyond Standard EFT,  

and utilize the help of The Unseen Therapist.

 Sessions are done via Zoom or internet video.

Not sure if this is right for you?

Here is a list of issues my clients have had relief from:

Anxiety   -   Overwhelming Stress   -   Grief

Insomnia   -   Fears & Phobias   -   Physical Pain

Sports Performance   -   Personal Performance

Physical Trauma   -   Low Self-esteem   -   Self-sabotage 

Depression   -   Dealing with Major Life Changes


We begin where you are comfortable,

    whether we use Optimal EFT,

with The Unseen Therapist,

 Gold Standard EFT or

other tools in my toolbox of skills

to give you the best results.

Preeti ACIM Quotes pic.jpg

What do clients have to say:

  • Preeti is a very intuitive and empathetic therapist. She helped me overcome general anxiety and adopt a healthier attitude towards work and life.....    Pronoy Dutta 

  • I sleep much better. EFT helped me with my problem of not sleeping well because of remembering a traumatic event in my life......   Anna

  • Preeti has been an amazing coach through my process during a very harsh period of my life.....     Pauli Valencia

  • I was experiencing deep grief with loosing my father.  Preeti was able to completely reduce my anxiety and fears......     Sajal Mahbubani



A few kind words from some wonderful souls...thank you :-)

Pronoy Dutta.jpeg

Pronoy Dutta

Preeti is a very intuitive and empathetic therapist. She helped me overcome general anxiety and adopt a healthier attitude towards work and life when I was going through a tough time during studying abroad. I was able to make less irrational demands on myself and be less ego driven, as opposed to a lifetime of struggling with feelings of inadequacy or thinking of how I'm perceived.

I'd recommend her services for their effectiveness and the permanent change they still bring to my life today.

Thank you, Preeti!



One example that EFT helped me with was my problem with sleeping well, because my mind fixated on remembering my husband's suicide day.

It was very difficult for me to forget the scene of that day.

It was EFT techniques and my dear teacher (Preeti) that helped release it all and taught me to call the Unseen Therapist and how to use this technique to face reality and not be afraid of the truth.

Now I can sleep much more better and feel more comfortable and no longer have any sense of guilt.
She has taught me to know that this world is all a dream and it is when we hold onto things that makes us feel guilty and afraid of our life.

Resolved Painful Memory

My sessions opened the floodgates to a deeply buried childhood pain

which I thought I had released.

I connected the dots:  How that trauma, like a wound left untreated,

had festered and coloured my decisions all my life, insidiously, indelibly.

Attracting more of that same familiar pain wherever I went, with whomever I met.  It all became clear in one fell swoop.

Am I finally free?

Only time will tell.

Awareness is the first step to healing.

Admittedly, the journey before me looks totally unfamiliar.

A rebirth?   A clean slate?

Only time will tell.

May your session(s) with Preeti be as deeply profound and healing

as mine.


WhatsApp Image 2021-04-09 at

Celine Law


Pauli Valencia

Preeti has been an amazing coach through my process during a very harsh period of my life.   I did tapping before but not 1 to 1.

I got redundant from my job last year. I was working in another country and I had a long distance relationship. Everything happened in one shot; I did not know what to do or where to go to start to get things sorted.

My levels of stress where at the top.

I previously met Preeti in a workshop in Thailand, we changed numbers and kept in touch. She told me to try tapping with her to see if I will like it or not.  I was very shocked with the results, something started to shift also I was very open; I had nothing to loose to take a chance.

We did several sessions; we peeled so many layers like an onion; just to explain in a easy way. We worked together every step of the way with EFT.  I felt exhausted because the emotional grief was dense.

Preeti guided me with love, care and patience throughout every session.

We started once a week, then we increased the sessions to 5 a week!

She is very dedicated, knows exactly what to do, like she has the right mind set when we initiate the EFT technique.

I am vey pleased with the results, I live now with my boyfriend, I mean my husband.

I don’t have a job yet, still learning the new Language where I live.

I am more settled, and happy.

I recommend Preeti and her great skills for EFT.

She has a gentle way to do things .

She is amazing!   Lovely☺️she is.

I was experiencing deep grief about losing my father and had fear that I would lose my mother as well. I had a session with Preeti during this extremely anxious period. She was able to completely reduce my anxiety and fears.

I felt a profound sense of peace come over me.  There was a feeling of inner calm and clarity around my loss and unnatural fears.

I was able to discern that I could let go of them easily.

Preeti lovingly guided me through the session, where I was able to come to terms with my sudden loss.  She gave me so much stability in my thoughts through the tapping, that I was able to sleep

deeply that night.

Thank you Preeti.  I am so grateful to have found you ❤


Sujal Mahbubani

Sujal Found Peace

Reiba Dutt

Unbelievable Results

I experienced genuine shifts in two physical problems that had been bothering me for a long time. Some readers of these testimonials may not see any relevance to their own situation, but every individual comes across different challenges in their own experience.


I had a chronic eye infection which despite antibiotic and other medical treatments, kept recurring. Within a few sessions of Preeti guiding me through EFT and OEFT sessions, the problem ceased.


The second physical issue I want to mention is that of being bitten by mosquitoes when I stayed on holidays in humid climates. I would be bitten by mosquitoes despite all precautions one can take, resulting in severe skin rashes.

My relatives and friends couldn’t understand my distress as they seemed to be unaffected by mosquitoe bites to the extent I was.


Just one session of OEFT and calling on Unseen Therapist for guidance and support with true faith and belief, resulted in a miracle of ‘no mozzie bites’, even when others in the room complained of being bitten!

Several years ago, I was diagnosed with clinical depression, PTSD, after a workplace injury and suffered panic attacks.  They often came on without warning with a frightening and uncontrollable emptiness in the solar plexus area, with me wanting to end this unbearable feeling.  I couldn’t endure it a moment longer.  I would get panic attacks despite medication and other treatments; I was at the end of my tether.

I discussed my issues with Preeti. She guided and supported me through sessions, with my having to overcome resistant and obstructive thoughts:  one was to believe that the Unseen Therapist always answers those who have faith in themselves to heal.


Preeti helped me change my way of looking at life and its problems.

She helped me build significant, hopeful and positive thought processes, which effectively utilise the brilliant tools of EFT and OEFT, to heal deeply from within.


More from Reiba

Miracle Shift

She rightly recommends that one continue practicing EFT and OEFT regularly, to maintain the healing. Just as one would with any form of exercise, diet or meditation practice, that benefits one’s mind and body.  I believe I may well have achieved a miracle shift in my journey of healing thanks to Preeti’s genuine humanity, sincerity and dedication to my cause.   

Thank you Preeti.


Dr Mala Swamy

To my dear Preeti with utmost Love from Dr. Mala Swamy, Chennai, Founder of SANGITAMALA ACADEMY OF PERFORMING ARTS (SAPA)

My earliest EFT sessions with Preeti go a long way back in the years 2008 and 2009, when I was going through a tumultuous and traumatic phase. This amazing tool that Preeti introduced to me was unconventional and new compared to anything I tried before to mitigate my pain and helplessness. EFT helped me sail through the worst times of my life.

My indecisiveness and diffidence have been major obstacles to my growth as a Musician. I remember, before every concert that I performed, I would have intense EFT / OEFT sessions with Preeti and somehow miraculously end up giving my best performance each time.  I owe these shifts to the deep, insightful and powerful sessions with Preeti.

Preeti is extremely intuitive and the positive energy she exudes is almost infectious. Her words have a profound effect on my innermost fears and emotions. There are so many things Preeti has helped me with. I'm very grateful to her - for all the love and concern she has for each one of us in her circle.

I am sure she will be the guiding light to all those who connect with her. All the very Best Preeti on this journey of spreading LOVE and HEALING to all those who reach out to you!!!
Thank you for being such an important part of my Life.

Best Performance

Simple, but effective  :-)

Yes, Preeti makes it so simple and easy to learn EFT through step by step learning. It was so easy for someone like me who was totally new to EFT.

I have had numerous EFT sessions with Preeti from very simple to stressful challenges and in most cases the outcomes have been phenomenal. I've also seen my other friends do EFT sessions with Preeti who have also had similar impact.

May you bring Light & Love into many hearts through your magical sessions Preeti. I'm sure many are going to derive immense benefit out of this initiative.      God bless you!!



Simple & Easy
Caroline Khandan.jpeg

Caroline Khandan

Thank God for Gary, Sheri and especially Preeti.
I have learned a lovely method named EFT through my Lovely teacher Preeti.

I was so worried for my parents every night and I couldn't sleep well because I am living far from them.  Preeti teaches me that this world is full of energy and we can change things.

After doing EFT sessions to deal with my anxious worry, I feel calm and can trust and have faith that my parents will be okay. All is well. I am able to sleep better also.

I am able to face challenging things with much more hope and confidence.

Our Ego tries to make a new story every day for us, but we should laugh at it because we can use our tools to change the situation with EFT tapping and calling the Unseen Therapist.

Anxious Worry Gone

I have a few success stories to share about tapping with Preeti.

I was very sad and in pain at the death of my mother even though she was very old. When it happened I was very down and the grief and loss was intense. I tapped on my emotions one by one with Preeti and within a very short time, I was feeling much lighter, and brighter. I felt that it was okay, that my mother was  in a better place and I felt peaceful.


I had a huge boil on my left eyelid and I was very worried about it. It was strange and hard, I felt conscious about it, and worried. Also my eye was extremely itchy. The tapping helped the itching which was above a 10 intensity to go down right away, and then within a few days my boil also healed very well. Like there was nothing there.  I am so happy that I was able to do the tapping at the right time and got such amazing results.



I was very anxious and worried about my husbands health as I live in another country. I felt that he was in danger and that if the worst would happen, I would be too far away to help. I also felt frustrated that he was not co-operating and taking care of his own health in a responsible way. Preeti and I did a session and I felt so free and light knowing that he is not alone, none of us are alone, we are always safe and all is well. I felt that it’s going to be okay.


I was very worried and had fear about a medical procedure that I was being pressured into. It wasn’t my choice and I also was afraid that it was going to hurt and harm me. Preeti and I tapped for my worry, and then my fear, and then my resistance and feeling the urge to cancel it, and I felt more and more, okay with everything. I saw through the tapping and the words that Preeti said, that if I felt safe and trust within myself then nothing would affect me negatively. I was not alone, and since I was under pressure to do this, it would be better for me, to come to peace about it. I now feel calm, and I also know that Preeti is going to do some surrogate tapping for me, during the time I have the procedure so I feel safe.

So Many Great Results
Home: Testimonials


There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way :-)  

Gautama Buddha

Who am I...   I am Preeti Roy.

Since my earliest memories, I have always been a seeker of truth. This led me on a quest involving a myriad of spiritual teachings and paths where I learned many healing modalities. All of them were wonderful, valuable and enriching.  However, it seemed tangible, reliable and obvious results were elusive.   UNTIL....

That miracle moment when EFT came into my life.

That moment is so clearly etched in my mind.  A friend told me about EFT.  I looked it up on the internet, followed the strange instructions and began "tapping" to release a specific emotional self-defeating pattern.   I was amazed that it actually worked!!!  That situation changed, I was free! With all the trainings from before, this was my first taste of emotional freedom. 
And thus began my EFT journey, tapping with Gary's videos, and then training as a practitioner.

EFT came into my life about 16 years ago, and since then I have been able to truly lighten my negative programs of emotional extremes, stagnation and disruption. These patterns of behavior had held me back all my life creating situations of self sabotage over and over.  I was able to steadily and with relative ease (in comparison to other methods) move forward and upward emotionally and thus spiritually.


What was my pivotal moment with EFT?

After years of enduring constant, severe, chronic pain due to injuries of my spine that was debilitating; barely manageable at best.  The only option given to me was surgery and to be on pain medication for the rest of my life.   --   No thank you was my response! 
EFT enabled me to miraculously shift out of the pain.  Now with EFT I had pain relief available at my finger tips! In the moment! Freedom felt so sweet. 

Of the many paths I have been on, another very important one for me is A Course In Miracles.  You will see a few of my favorite excerpts throughout my website. Enjoy the insights of wisdom.  My adaptation of one is: "Relationships, within oneself and thus with 'others' is a very different experience, when we can let go of being right, and choose instead to be happy." ACIM

Life can be a beautiful experience from a state of peace. :-)  

There is a wealth of knowledge behind everything I do.  Along with EFT, training and certified in the arts of:  ♥Yoga, ♥Qigong, ♥Classical Homeopathy, ♥Ho'Oponopono, ♥Jin Shin Jyutsu, ♥Reiki, ♥The Sedona Method, ♥The Buteyko Method and ♥Bodytalk.  


For bringing EFT to the forefront of awareness, and  with his newest revelation:

The Unseen Therapist'

She integrates her  wisdom of A Course In Miracles with her skills in training of EFT and OEFT that truly is  a masterpiece for the student to learn from.


Gratitude for The Unseen Therapist 
What we call The Unseen Therapist, is our spiritual healer within.  Our bridge to the Oneness of Creation, Source, Light, God; all simply names for Love...

Thank you for the constant miracles you share as we shift into Love, healing is there for us.  You always offer and have Love available, we only have to turn to you and ask ... and it is given. 

Thank you, I love you.   :-)

Gary Logo.png

Gratitude for Gary Craig
Gary Craig is the founder of what is known world-wide as: Emotional Freedom Techniques - EFT,  and it all began in 1995.
Being the living angel of light that he is - he gave this amazingly powerful healing modality to the world -- for free.

EFT, referred to as 'Tapping' by many, has been diluted and distilled by well meaning practitioners and people worldwide. Being the simple, elegant and dynamic healing tool that it is, even adulterated, millions of people have benefited from it.

Eternally generous and with pure intention for offering healing to all, Gary offers his original, powerful, Gold Standard EFT online -- for free.  This tutorial is filled with the most amazing, detailed instructions.  Anyone is able to conduct EFT, in it's original form, for impressive healing results.

With his latest insights, Gary introduced us to 'The Unseen Therapist.'   He not only brings healing to the world, he brings us hope, advocating for UNITY in a world that seems more divided than ever.  Knowing Emotional Freedom is the only freedom that truly matters, I am ever grateful to Gary Craig for what he has given to us all.

Thank you, I love you.   :-)


Gratitude for Sheri Baker
Sheri Baker is the Director of the Gary Craig Official EFT Training Center for the English language.

She is my teacher and mentor who, undertook my training for Full EFT Certification that took a year. Sheri is a living angel of light filled with the utmost brilliance, kindness and immense wisdom that added such depth to the training.

As a master teacher of A Course in Miracles, [ACIM] she truly lives the meaning of 'being the light of the world'.

She put her heart and soul into honing me to become deeply fluent in the use of Gary's Gold Standard EFT tapping with skills that are way beyond the free tutorial.  She guided me personally in the deepest detail in becoming an efficient assistant to the Unseen Therapist in Optimal EFT sessions.  Sheri's immense spiritual knowledge, experience and wisdom are a powerhouse of abundant gifts that I have had the honor to be blessed with. 


"Tapping Into The Truth - The Healing Power of Integrating A Course In Miracles with EFT" is a BRILLIANT, self-paced online study program, created by Sheri.  It is available for all EFT practitioners.  Also an author of the book: “A Few Good Prayers - A Practical Prayer Book for the Miracle-Minded”.  Both are divinely guided and of the highest spiritual energy.

Thank you, I love you.  :-)


for the many Angels among us, especially these...

Home: Files

That have been profound in my experience

Enjoy these works that have been instrumental in my own journey of spiritual growth. :-)

A Course In Miracles  -- ACIM
Channeled by Dr. Helen Schucman

A Course in Miracles is aptly named, for it offers no less.

It's the most transformative spiritual teaching that dispels illusions, by shining the light of truth at their core. This is the deepest dive into freedom that I have experienced. 

I'm a delighted student.

Seth - The Seth Material
Channeled by Jane Roberts

"The Nature of Personal Reality" was my first Seth book,

and it started my 'awakening' journey in this lifetime.

I developed a personal connection with Seth

that I nurture to this day.   

Truly Profound.


Hale Dwoskin, protege of Lester Levenson

Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len introduced the world to the deep simplicity of the power of surrender in the four phrases:

I am Sorry -- Please Forgive me -- Thank you -- I love you.
The full process, developed by Morrnah Simeona, a Hawaiian Kahuna Lapa’au and recognized by Hawaii as a Living Treasure was used by Dr. Len to heal the criminally insane.  The process brings instant peace in the moment when you realize there is no one out there, out there; just memories playing in the mind.

Lester Levenson was sent home to die; instead, he developed this simple method of release and lived happily many more years.  The work continues with his protege, the radiant

Hale Dwoskin who refined it into "The Sedona Method."

The simplicity and power of releasing in the moment, 

is for me second only to EFT.

Could you let it go?   Would you let it go?   ….When?

The Teachings of ABRAHAM
Channeled by Esther Hicks

“Ask and it is Given” was my first Abraham book

and it instilled in me a deep understanding of the

'Law of Attraction' and how it operates

in this time space realm. Joyfully liberating.



Raja yoga meditation is deeply peaceful

fostering a way of living,

while magnifying ones virtues,

in service to soul connection. 




"Notes from the Universe," has been a faithful companion

for years from this illuminated soul, Mike Dooley.

A beautiful uplifting energy.


The book: "The Power of Now", is a tremendously powerful stepping stone into freedom. To be present to this moment, just as it is; one can access the power of Source flowing through. ... And all falls into place.


Preiti Momaya


I started EFT sessions with Preeti about a year ago.

These sessions helped me make sense of some difficult situations in my life and career.  I got a deeper understanding of the issues facing me and achieved breakthroughs in relationships.

One was a relationship with a colleague that significantly improved after my sessions and I have had harmony in life in general.


Preeti is a very compassionate person and truly listened to what I had to share.

I believe EFT sessions with Preeti will help anyone seeking a genuine resolution of the challenges they face.

With gratitude.

Relationships Improved

I Love working with Preeti on my issues with OEFT, she is a very intuitive practitioner. She has great insight and her reframes land perfectly, very talented. The sessions go very well and I receive a great peaceful feeling. She’s a blessing to me and to anyone that has a session with her, very thorough and precise.

I highly recommend her, 10 stars out of 10. 


Gratitude and Love

Roy King

Peaceful Feeling
Roy King_edited_edited.jpg

Roy King


Shraddha Mohan

Preeti Roy has been a major part of mine and my family's spiritual evolution. Through her we have experienced the joy of EFT and OEFT, which has helped us release a TON (literally) of emotional baggage that we were carrying. 


Her Beautiful mind has always been leaps ahead of my limited vision of spirituality and I have taken her guidance in many of my life's ups and downs and every time I have been wow-ed by the miraculous shifts that followed. 


She is deeply intuitive and perceptive of the core issues that trouble me; the methods she uses to lay them bare are immensely powerful. I find that whenever I need her the most, Preeti is always there.


Her energy and compassion is infectious that lasts for days after a session with her. 


                    Thank You Preeti.  I love you and I'm so grateful for you.

I can’t say thank you enough to Preeti!

After having lost my job, I was really taken back by fear and doubt.

I brought these issues to Preeti, thinking this probably won’t help but I will give it a try. Astounding!

She helped me work through the fear and doubt I had about myself. She helped me to see the person I am and the potential I am filled with.

We tapped through several issues and it was like a bubble bursting.

Jacki Mariest_edited_edited.jpg

Jacki Mariest

I took a deep breath and could feel the weight of my anxiety about starting a new business and all that entails just lift. My confidence has been strengthened and I have Preeti and tapping to thank for that. My suggestion to you, if you are experiencing any trauma, depression, anxiety, stress in your life, give tapping with Preeti a try. The only thing you have to loose are these negative emotions and it is so worth it.


Jacki Mariest

Founder:  Coaching for Mind Body Soul

Sukhpal Singh

S Singh

Preeti helped me to address a lot of past emotional burden including childhood traumas.

I have benefited greatly from the release of a number issues. 

She is thoroughly professional with a formidable, logical approach to the issues.

Benefited Greatly

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